Commonly Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

- Where do you get you Teapot Hats from?

The spectacular Ward & Wylie creates the teapot hats for Tea Tonic. A unique hat of every tea blend, worn by the gorgeous Tea Ladies at shows all around the country.

Ward & Wylie have a little hat emporium at 12 Toorak Rd, South Yarra.

Open Tuesday - Thursday 10 – 5pm

Friday 11 – 6pm and Saturday 10 – 3pm.

For a private appointment please phone Luci on 0416 243 254

You can see their designs on the Ward-Wylie Facebook page.

- There is plastic material in Tea Tonic teabags?

The Tea Tonic unbleached teabag paper its compost  by natural fibres such as wood pulp and other cellulose fibres with a minimum amount of synthetic fibres added to provide the necessary paper characteristics, the plastic content is less than 2% of the weight of the teabag and is considered compostable. It is totally safe for use as attested by European authorities and the FDA.

The machine runs at 120C and work with a ridging of paper that allows the filter paper to retain its shape.

Another positive point it's that we don't use bleach like others tea companies to make our teabags white.

At the end of the day only organic loose leaf tea is free of any man made input :-)

- Which Tea Tonic teas are safe to drink during pregnancy?

Most of our teas are safe to drink while pregnant.

Well-Being and Relaxation Tea are highly recommended, during this stage.

Well-Being is brilliant whilst breastfeeding, as it goes through the breast milk and help stop colic in the baby (as it helps reduce acid reflux, due to the alfalfa & spearmint) and reduce the occurrence of mastitis in the boobs (due to the Calendula in the tea).

Some women choose not to have any caffeine in their diet, as it is a personal choice.

So for your information the following teas do contain caffeine:

English Breakfast, Traditional Chai, Green Tea, Black Tea, Earl Grey, Dark Chocolate & Black Tea, Berry-Green Tea, Oriental Twist, White Tea & Rose Petals, French Earl Grey, Bright Spark, Coconut Tea (minimual caffeine) and GLEW Tea (GLEW tea has only 10% of its blend as white tea which contains just 5% caffeine).

With the Australiana Tea I would avoid this in the first trimester as it has a naturally occurring very high volatile oil content, and essential oils should be avoided.

If you suffer high blood pressure during your pregnancy I would also avoid Licorice Lover Tea and Throat Soother Tea.

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