Why choose organic

Some customers often have many queries regarding organic products. Here are some frequently asked questions.

Organic is 100% natural, pure & simple. Organic food systems such as the products we use here at Tea Tonic, do not rely on synthetic farm fertilizes, herbicides, pesticides or drenches.

Organic Food contains no harmful preservatives or additives & is GMO free. Organic blends use the very best of science and ingenuity with centuries or agricultural expertise.

The beauty of the organic market is that it considers not just financial, but environmental and social returns.

Is organic better for you?

There is more and more evidence arising that shows that organic food can have higher nutritional value. Recent studies conducted internationally have found that plant based foods contain on average, at least 25% more beneficial nutrients than non-organic equivalents.

How do I know it's organic?

When purchasing an organic product always look for a 'Certified Organic' logo such as The Australian Certified Organic Bud to ensure integrity of your food. This certification stamp means that organic farmers have been audited to comply with strict standards. It takes 3 years to become an Australian Certified Organic Producer, which proves that operators are committed to ensuring that their customers are not exposed to any unwanted extras.

Why does organic cost more sometimes?

The value of organic products represents the true cost of growing nutritious, high quality, chemical free produce. Foods that are grown using intense methods may be cheap but on the flip side it can also have high health and environmental costs such as sickness & cleaning up polluted waterways. So when it comes to sustainable value, the question real question here is "Can we afford not to go organic?"

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