Glass Wine Bottle for Teas - 750ml

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The Tea Tonic Glass Wine Bottle for Tea is the new way to enjoy tea made with cold water.

The Tea Tonic Glass Wine Bottle for Tea allows you to enjoy your favourite Tea Tonic Teas cold brewed.

Delightful in summer for parties, you can serve cold brewed tea like wine with your meal.

Have a look at the recipes page on the Tea Tonic Website for some great iced teas recipes!!

Hand wash only... Parts are: glass bottle, plastic infuser (PBA free) & silicone lid

How To make your favourite Tea Tonic Cold Brew Tea

1) Place 2 Spoons of your favourite Tea Tonic Loose Leaf Tea into the glass bottle

2) Fill the glass bottle with tap or cold water up to the top measurement marking

3) Mount the removable bottle spout with the filter set inside onto the glass

4) Let the tea brew on your desk or in the fridge for minimum 40 minutes (it can be left on the fridge overnight)

5) Pour the tea in the glass and enjoy!!

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