Cold Tea Bottle Adapter/ Infuser - Sea Green

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Water Bottle Filter for Cold Brewed Tea.
Available in Ocean Blue February 2015

Tea brewed with cold water has a smooth, rich flavour and no bitterness.
The Tea Tonic Tea On-the-Go Infuser makes Loose Leaf Tea an everyday luxury


The perfect way to drink Tea on the Go.

1. Make a bottle of cold loose leaf tea in your normal disposable water bottle.
2. Screw on the Tea Tonic Tea On-the-Go Infuser ( Adapter is double sided to cater for different waterbottle types)
3. Allow your brew to steep for 5 minutes.
4. Enjoy your fresh Tea!

Excellent to sit on your desk at work, take to the Gym or when going for a run.
Enjoy Fresh loose leaf Tea all day long!

Available in  Ocean Blue - February 2015

The double sided adapter allows you to flip it around to fit your water bottle.


Suits all Australian disposable water bottles excluding "Woolworths select spring waters"

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